Staying Safe

and Healthy


During our re-opening, we want you to feel safe and healthy during your time at Esty Skin Studio. Our industry already possesses high sanitation standards, but we are going even further to protect clients and staff. There will be some elements to our services that are on hold during this time.


As we are a small establishment, we ask that no other guests arrive with you for your appointment.


We ask that if you arrive early for your appointment, to wait in your car. You can text us that you have arrived and if we are able to take you early, we will let you know. You can text us at (512) 903-8225.


There is social distance friendly seating in the lobby, however if you are waiting for a ride/rideshare, we ask for you to wait outside.


We will not be able to hold bicycles inside the spa like we have in the past, or hold to go boxes for when you are in service.


All services will be performed with gloves on at all times. We do use quality medical grade gloves that are form fitting and feel nice on the skin.


Facials will not have steam at this time.


Our estheticians will have a mask and shield on for services.


Check out will be a bit slower, if you do not already have a card on file, we will manually enter your credit card information instead of swiping your card. Please have it on hand in case your card on file has expired.


If you are experiencing a runny nose, sneezing, coughing we reserve the right to end the service. If you are not feeling well, have a fever or have recently not felt well and are just recovering, we ask you to please wait to come in until you have been well for at least 2 weeks.


We request that clients where a facial mask while in the lobby/restroom.


We will be putting metal implements such as tweezers and brow scissors in an autoclave for sterlization after each service.


We will be santizing each room thoroughly between each appointment. Cleaning door knobs and other commonly touched surfaces. Because of this, we will be additional some additonal room change time between appointments.