Massage Therapy



**At this time, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not offering massage inside Esty Skin Studio.**

We highly recommend Paul Russell for massage. You may schedule via text at (512) 791-7634.




Massages at Esty Skin Studio are  a more therapeutic technique. Our massage staff carries advanced modality skills to help fix ailments and corrective work to relieve tension. We view Swedish massage as a per request technique, it very rarely addresses the typical muscle concerns and is more for general relaxation. The best way to compare a Swedish massage would be getting a facial without the extractions. All massages include aromatherapy. We do not offer massages for clients in their first trimester of pregnancy due to possible prenatal complications.

If you have a gift certificate for a shorter length massage, please mention to our client coordinator during the booking process.

  • 60min/$110
  • 75min/$130
  • 90min/$150
  • Couples: 75min/ $250 ; 90min $280